2021 California Science Education Conference

2021 Vision Statement

2021 Vision Statement of Computer Science and Science

The relationship between science and computer science is much more powerful than one can imagine.

Together, the fields of science and computer science are powerful ways of knowing our natural and human-made world, and necessary to empower our youth. They advance and propel humankind into the next era of innovation and knowledge of our world. Science and computer science together use logic, problem-solving, and creativity to better understand environment, life, climate, medicine, space, and beyond while using computing systems, networks, data analysis and processes, and programming. Integrating computer science concepts and practices, scientists and engineers experience and explain phenomena by enhancing observations, analyzing rich data, communicating through models and simulations, and calculating complex systems.

Historically, in TK-16 classrooms, the disciplines of computer science and science have long been treated as isolated fields. This does not reflect the reality of the synergy between the two. Integrating computer science into science classes will prepare students for future endeavors as computationally enabled and scientifically literate community members. It is essential, now more than ever, to understand that neither replace each other nor are alternatives, but rather are complementary in understanding nature and affecting the human-made world.


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